Foundations sign agreement to improve psychiatric care

POSTED: 09/5/12 10:27 AM

St. Maarten – The White and Yellow Cross and the Mental Health Foundations recently signed a service agreement to improve psychiatric care. The agreement between the two foundations formalizes psychiatric services to all the departments of the White and Yellow Cross.
The Mental Health Foundation guarantees quality service by their psychiatrist to the clients of the White and Yellow Cross. These services will consist of consultations at the different locations of the foundation and even at the client’s home. It will also entail education and training of the different care teams to ensure that the staff is best equipped to care for all the clients. Information evenings and lectures to families and caretakers of clients will also be an important part of the agreement.

The White and Yellow Cross Foundation is not a mental hospital but in its different departments it cares for clients with many forms of mental illness. To properly diagnose, treat and guide these clients and their families is very important and requires professionals. The structures in place at the Mental Health Foundation and the availability of two psychiatrists made it a logical step to approach them for an agreement.
The Mental Health Foundation also saw the advantage of working together as they care for clients who use services of both foundations. The service agreement will avoid duplication of services and will enhance the overall well being of the clients.
The White and Yellow Cross is in the process of opening a new daycare for clients with dementia.

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