Foundation completes country’s first audio-book

POSTED: 04/15/12 4:22 PM

St. Maarten – Beyond Writing Foundation has finalized its very first audio book ‘Overseas Bloodline’. The new audio book, which is read by Sharon Freiburg, is also a first for the country.
Freiburg was selected as the voice for the book last August by an international commission (readers and people from the multimedia world of Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten, the Netherlands and Venezuela). There are also snippets of the main character because the book is based on true life. This was added to enrich the authenticity of the story.

Overseas Bloodline, which was written by Loekie Morales in 2002, is about a search for family, was originally written in Dutch and has been on the B-list of literature classes at Dutch high schools for years.
“People kept asking me why it is not available in English. To adhere on that petition and to make sure this book goes into all high schools of the Dutch Caribbean Islands, BWF decided to translate it and publish it into English. Because of BWF’s focus on reaching more islands in the Caribbean where lots of people can relate to this ‘Overseas Bloodline story’, the audio book is developed next to the book. For multi-lingual people or people who want to learn English, this audio book can be the right tool to stimulate reading in general while reading this book. At the same time the book carries a story based on real life, about compassion, love and caring, in short about a real search for family; a topic that applies for most of the people in the Caribbean,” Morales stated in a release.

Later she’d add, “Living those wonderful and beautiful moments during this particular search remain deeply in my memories, but especially in my heart. Making it accessible to others brings me new life.”
“Reading ‘Overseas Bloodline’ takes us on an adventure to find Morales family members and share in their love. This moving experience enlightens us all to reflect on our own ancestors and the history with which we carry forward,” Freiburg added.
The book and Audio book will be launched in May and will then be available in the bookstores and at Beyond Writing Foundation (5562735).

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