Former Police Chief Holiday does community service at Turning Point

POSTED: 03/23/11 11:49 AM

St. Maarten – Former Chief Commissioner of Police Derrick Holiday has started to do his community service as an administrative assistant at Turning Point, Chief Prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos confirmed in answer to questions from this newspaper.

In June of last year the Supreme Court confirmed Holiday’s conviction for forgery and fraud.

The Common Court of Justice sentenced Holiday on March 26, 2009 to a 1-year conditional prison sentence with 2 years probation. The condition for not executing the prison sentence was that Holiday had to perform 180 hours of community service.

“He has started his community service at Turning Point. He does it in his free time, on Friday afternoons and on Saturdays,” Mos said.

The former Chief Commissioner does administrative work on projects that fit the goals of Turning Point.

“This way, Mr. Holiday is making a useful contribution to the community,” Mos said.

Holiday started his community service two weeks ago, too late to comply entirely with the court ruling. The Appeals Court ruled in 2009 that Holiday had to begin with his community service within one month after the verdict would become irrevocable. This became a fact in June of last year, when the Supreme Court confirmed the verdict.

Holiday has nine months to complete his community service, which should have started in July of last year and be completed this month.


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