Former Pelican Resort workers are disappointed in National Alliance

POSTED: 09/17/12 1:35 PM

GREAT BAY -The former workers of the Pelican Resort – the current Simpson Bay Resort and Marina – are disappointed with the way they are being treated by National Alliance representatives, the president of the Workers Institute for Organized Labor Theophilus Thompson said.
The National Alliance is a coalition partner in the current government. “Prior to the National Alliance going into government they voiced their concern and supported the workers during meetings at the Wifol offices,” Thompson said. “Now that they are in power the workers are very disappointed because they have not delivered on their promises and taken action.”
The attorneys representing the Wifol-members in this case have given the law that regulates the rights of the workers in the Netherlands to a number of the parliamentarians and are now ready to enter into any debate and offer guidance with regard to the constructing of legislation that will help to remedy this cause, Thompson said.
The union has already taken a decision on “the next step” but did not disclose what that step is. Thompson said that there are some legal proceedings that cannot be divulged publicly. The representatives of the Simpson Bay Resort do not want to talk with the union and it is not Thompson’s intention to speak to them via the media.
“The workers have an employer,” Thompson said, “and the employer has to take his responsibility. The people who managed Pelican Resort are the same people who own and manage Simpson Bay Resort.”
Thompson has not refuted an appeal of the court verdict that went against the union. He said that individual employees can pursue their own case. The union is not ruling out a collective approach; discussions about this issue are ongoing.

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Former Pelican Resort workers are disappointed in National Alliance by

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