Former national cyclist helps bodybuilder

POSTED: 09/19/12 1:54 PM

St. Maarten – After his success in the just concluded national bodybuilding championships, Emmanuel, ‘Mano’ Richardson is ready for the CAC championships that will take place in Puerto Rico.

In order to make that trip, ‘Mano’ as he is familiarly called was forced to seek sponsorship, but little did he know that help would come from a place he frequented. “He eats three times a day here, he is one of my regular customers” said Willy Hodge, the owner of the Mini Food Mart in Cole Bay.

As a former racing cyclists I know how it feels to be looking for sponsorship and I did not want to see him going through the same experiences I had, running back and forth for help. That can stress him out and mess up his brains,” Hodge added.

Looking back at the end result of the championships, there was a pattern. Both Desmond Patterson, who won the heavy/ super weight category and ‘Mano’ were absent from competition for several years.

Prior to last Friday’s championships, the last time ‘Mano’ won a championship was back in 2001 during the Netherlands Antilles Championships which was held in Curacao. “I won in the middle weight division there,” he noted.

Ironically, both Patterson and ‘Mano,’ who spent almost 10 years in Holland came back to St Maarten in 2010 got back into competition in 2011 during a competition hosted by the French side of the island and that re-entry marked the beginning of things to come.

A few pounds heavier and with better overall condition, ‘Mano’ was ready to rumble at the national championships. “I was even ready for Desmond, but it was a clean win for me. My body condition never goes away, that’s all I do, that’s my life style and I am a very disciplined person. It’s just eat sleep and fitness,” ‘Mano pointed out.

But ‘Mano’ standing at 5.8 inches now tips the scale at 188 pounds is even looking past the CAC championships. “There is a lot of room for improvement, I plan to compete in the super/heavy weight division and that will mean more dedication and more gym time.”

According to ‘Mano’ after the CAC championships where he hopes to make an impression, he plans to compete in the Muscle Mania and the Mr Hercules in Curacao.


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