Formateur misses deadline: target is now Wednesday

POSTED: 06/10/13 1:03 PM

St. Maarten – Formateur Sarah Wescot-Williams has not managed to meet the June 7 deadline Governor Holiday gave her when she was appointed on May 24 to form the country’s next government. Yesterday, she indicated that her report will probably be ready by the middle of next week – around Wednesday. She also stated that she is unaware of any further developments concerning the decision by the four National Alliance ministers to dissolve the parliament.

“I am not ready yet as I hoped I would be. I still might get all the reports in today,” she said yesterday. “My estimate is that sometime around midweek the process will be completed.”

That process is the screening of the candidate ministers for her new cabinet. “I’ll have to discuss the schedule with the governor, but he is aware of practically every minute of the developments.”

Referring to the decision by the NA-ministers to dissolve the parliament, Wescot-Williams said: “There are no further developments, and my position on this issue is quite clear.”

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Formateur misses deadline: target is now Wednesday by

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