Flu vaccine now available at local pharmacies

POSTED: 08/30/11 12:22 PM

St. Maarten – Oduber Agencies announced in a press release issued yesterday that flu vaccine is now available at local pharmacies.

“Every year during the winter season a high percentage of the population of countries that have winters are infected by the Influenza Virus. We are also exposed to the influenza virus because our islands are frequented by tourists from these countries,” Oduber agencies stated.

“The vaccine consists of small particles of the dead influenza virus that stimulates the body to produce its own anti-bodies. The vaccine has proven to be more than 89% effective and even in cases where it was not 100% effective, it has shown to reduce flu symptoms significantly. Studies have shown that in healthy adults ages 16 – 64 the vaccine reduces influenza-like illness by almost 40% and work absenteeism by close to 60%.”

The Center for Disease Control and the Nederlandse Influenza Stichting have issued recommendations for a group of “higher risk” individuals that should strongly consider being vaccinated.
Oduber agencies advises readers to check with their doctor if they should consider vaccination.

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Flu vaccine now available at local pharmacies by

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