Floodgate opened to reduce water levels

POSTED: 01/19/12 1:29 PM

Water flows between the Fresh Pond to the Great Salt Pond as a way to lower heightened water levels.

St. Maarten – Head of Maintenance in the Public Works Department Claudius Buncamper says they opened the channel between the Fresh Pond and the Great Salt Pond at the flood gate Tuesday so that they could reduce the water levels in the Fresh Pond brought on by intermittent and heavy downpours.

“We had to open the gate to lower the water in the Fresh Pond; we didn’t want to send it through the Great Bay channel which would have to be pumped out eventually,” Buncamper said as he denied that the move had anything to do with the salinity of the Great Salt Pond.

“We were trying to flooding in the Zagersgut area,” the department head said.

Tuesday was the second time in a week that water was allowed to flow between the two ponds.

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Floodgate opened to reduce water levels by

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  1. William 47 says:

    Let us start with renaming the freshpond, I suggest sewage-pond. Sending this “water” ino the saltpond will add unwanted stuff to the already very polluted saltpond and will have an impact on the salt-level in the pond. And we have no idea where bad smell and midges comes from?
    Where we fail to tackle the sewage-problem, we have the choice to have our Great-Bay tourists swimming in our sewage (I will not go there anymore) or have a serious problem with the saltpond.