Fleeing car stripper almost hits policeman

POSTED: 03/4/13 12:46 PM

St. Maarten – A police officer fired shots at a car that fled from the vicinity of the Buccaneer Bar on Billy Folly Road on Saturday around 1.30 a.m. Patrols answered to a report that several men were busy stripping a car.

A bike patrol arrived first on the scene. The officers noticed a car that was “suspiciously parked across from the Buccaneer Bar,” the police report stated.
When one officer approached, the driver drove his car straight at him. The officer had to jump from his bike to avoid being overrun. The car drove over the patrol bike, damaging it severely, and disappeared in the direction of Maho Reef without lights.

A backup patrol searched Simpson Bay and Maho Reef but did not find the car or any suspects.

On Billy Folly road officers found a rental car with French plates that was stripped of several parts. The car was confiscated for further investigation.
So far the police have not been able to determine whether the shots that were fired at the fleeing car hit their target or whether anyone was injured.

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