Flamingo gets 10 months for fight over stolen bike

POSTED: 10/11/12 3:04 PM

GREAT BAY – The three men who went to the projects on July 2 to reclaim a stolen motorbike and ended up in a fight whereby machetes, rocks and pieces of wood were used as the weapons of choice were sentenced to between 7 and 10 months imprisonment in the Court in First Instance yesterday. Rolando Cecil Arrindell, nicknamed Flamingo, received the heaviest sentence of 10 months. Leroy Ignatius Adonis King, nicknamed Cashmoney, got off with 8 months and Clinton Alphonso Henry, nicknamed Flashlight has to serve a 7-month prison sentence.

The defendants claimed at the trial on September 20 that they went to the Sao Paolo Road in Nazareth to talk to their eventual victim about the bike that had been stolen from Cashmoney’s cousin.

That conversation never took place because the encounter deteriorated in an ordinary street fight whereby the defendants pelted their victim with rocks and even bicycle parts. When he fled into his house, the defendants pursued him and Arrindell stabbed him with a machete in his shoulder – the prime reason why this defendant received a higher sentence. The other two committed violence to a lesser extent but they were still found guilty as accomplices.

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