Flamingo arrested after shootout in St. Peters

POSTED: 03/12/15 12:49 PM

St. Maarten – After a shootout with several police officers on the Raspberry Road in St. Peters, a man nicknamed Flamingo and two others surrendered on Saturday evening. Flamingo is in custody as a suspect in “several criminal investigations.”

In October 2012, the Court in First Instance sentenced Flamingo – real name Rolando Cecil Arrindell – to 10 months of imprisonment for his role in a fight over a stolen motorbike that took place on July 2, 2012 on the Sao Paolo Road in Nazareth. Flamingo was at the time in the company of a man nicknamed Flashlight and another one nicknamed Cashmoney.

Last Saturday, the police received around 6.50 p.m. a report that Flamingo was sitting with two other men on the Raspberry Road. The police report did not give the identity of Flamingo’s companions. Because there was an arrest warrant out for Flamingo – described by the police as “armed and dangerous” – several patrols went to the area to apprehend the suspect.

When the officers approached, Flamingo and the two other men took off running, whereby Flamingo fired several shots at the policemen. The officers returned fire and asked central dispatch for backup.

Flamingo and his buddies went in hiding between buildings of a housing project on Raspberry Road. Officers surrounded the location and colleagues diverted the traffic. Neighborhood residents were told to stay indoors, while rubberneckers were kept at a safe distance.

Police officers started an intense search of the area. Flamingo’s father got involved asking to speak to his son to convince him to turn himself in. That turned out to be unnecessary, because as officers closed in on their prey, Flamingo surrendered. He was arrested together with the two other men and taken to the police station in Philipsburg for questioning.

The K9-unit searched the area where the men had been hiding and found several firearms and rounds of ammunitions. Nobody sustained injuries during the exchange of gunfire.

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