Five years for robbing former employer

POSTED: 05/7/12 1:20 PM

St. Maarten – The Common Court of Justice sentenced Louella Flanders on appeal to 5 years imprisonment for her role in the kidnapping and robbing of her former employer C. Short on August 18 of last year. The Court in First Instance sentenced the defendant to 6 years, but the 33-year old got a 1-year reduction because the appeals court considers the kidnapping and the robbery as one crime and not as two separate ones.

Flanders committed the crime together with her cousins, the twin brothers Ronaldo and Roberto Brooks. The Brooks brothers in turn involved Omar Nelson Smith, aka Chucky. She went to the victim’s house to demand the $1,000 she says he owed her, but when she found out that the man’s girlfriend was in the house she changed her plan. She asked Short to driver her to her sister in French Quarter, after stopping at her own apartment in Dutch Quarter.

She informed her co-perpetrators about the changes. In Nazareth, Chucky rammed Short’s car from behind; when he got out of his vehicle, the robbers attacked him, tied him up and drove around with him for hours. An attempt to take money from Short’s bank account failed, because the bank card got stuck in the ATM machine. The robbers also forced Short to sign ten blank checks.

In June of last year Nelson was sentenced to 18 years for a series of violent crimes – among them the October 16, 2010 kidnapping and robbery that cost 45-year-old Wouter-Jan Romeijn his life. In February, he got 6 years for the short kidnapping and robbery; in March he earned another year behind bars for stealing the car that was used for the robbery and for escaping from prison in March of last year. Chucky’s total stands currently at 25 years.

Roberto Brooks was sentenced to 6 years in February. His brother Ronaldo received 7 years because he was also found guilty of another robbery.


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