Fish Da Mega Boss new Calypso Monarch

POSTED: 05/2/12 11:57 AM

St. Maarten —Fish Da Mega Boss was crowned the new Calypso Monarch for Carnival 2012 at the Festival Village by the Nagico’s marketing manager Paul Dijkhoffz early on Saturday morning. The event drew a huge crowd of calypso enthusiasts who thought at the end of the event that the judges “did not have any knowledge of judging a calypso competition,” as one of them said.

The fans argued that the way the judges made their decisions was not correct; they felt that King  Beau Beau and King T-Mo should have been placed higher in the order and King Brat should have been among the winners, with his song “They hutting me” which had the crowd swaying and singing along with him. However, as it is said “there is no carnival without bacchanal.”

Winner of the event Fish Da Mega Boss scored 557 points, first runner up King Beau Beau scored 535, ahead of King T-Mo with 515 and Roxxy with 497.

The 11 participants except for the Mighty Repeater all sang of the corruption in government, such as “anything for a vote” and criticized the political culture of the island, where it pertained to the voting since they thought that politicians were blatant in paying for the votes. There was also the matter of “the big business men corrupting the government” which was sung by Fish Da Mega Boss and Jules James on the Pelican Resort / Simpson Bay Resort saga.

In the “social commentary” they also sang about the crime and the impact it has on the community. King Beau Beau sang also in the first round at the competition that “everything gone up” since the government took office. His Majesty Baker Jr. sang of “We too small for this” indicating that St. Maarten is too small for the corruption and the crime situation that is happening on the island.


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