Fireworks sound past usage deadline

POSTED: 01/4/12 12:05 PM

St. Maarten – The sound of fireworks continued Tuesday night despite last week’s announcement by police and the prosecutor that people should not be using them past January 1. They have also reported that there were no incidents related to fireworks for the entire sale an usage period.  The latter bit of news is well received by Collins Arrundell, whose family set up and ran Firefly Family Fireworks – the only company that sold fireworks this year.

“We’ve had very good and positive feedback and nobody was hurt. Safety was my primary concern so I am very happy there were no injuries or incidents. My one regret is not having enough fireworks and I can tell people that we have already started the paperwork to be able to sell more fireworks next year,” Arrundell said.

The sale of fireworks at the end of 2011 represented the return of a tradition that had been all but snuffed out just over a decade ago by stricter government regulations after a Chinese businessman – Afoo – and a young girl were burnt to death in a fireworks related incident.

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