Fireworks sales to general public returns

POSTED: 12/22/11 3:45 PM

St. Maarten – Members of the public will be able to buy fireworks for personal use for the first time in nearly a decade as of next week. Companies stopped selling fireworks after the Island Territory of St. Maarten approved and implemented stricter regulations on the storage and sale of fireworks. They were led to do so because of the tragic death of a supermarket owner and a young girl in a fireworks related incident.

Firefly Family Fireworks is the company that has now emerged to sell fireworks for use by individuals and families. The company’s managing director Collins Arrundell spent 12 years of his life working as a fire fighter and received several trainings in safety and security. In a statement issued on Wednesday he stressed that safety is a top priority and that every person who buys fireworks from his company will get a demonstration of how they work.

“Traditionally, year-end fireworks on December 31/January 1 were by far the most anticipated and attractive social gatherings on St. Maarten. For more than a decade, this tradition was forgotten, and along with that, also the time spent with family and friends to bring in the New Year enjoying the fun of lighting fireworks and frolicking together,” Arrundell said.

Firefly Family Fireworks, which will be located at the lot across from Shop 4 Less, will run their sales from December 29 to December 31 between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. The fireworks for children are “more lights, less bang” while teenagers, adults, and businesses will be able to purchase a limited supply of large-size cakes. Young people below 18 must be accompanied by an adult when they make their purchases.

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