Fired night manager protests eviction from staff apartments

POSTED: 07/6/11 1:50 PM

St. Maarten – The management of Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort and Casino allowed Neville Mars back into the staff apartment they’d locked him out on Tuesday. The property’s manager Keith Graham said they’d changed the locks after trying unsuccessfully to inform Mars’ lawyer they were evicting him from the hotel’s apartment.

Mars found himself locked out on Tuesday evening and called the police. After receiving proof that Mars was the apartment’s occupant police spoke with Graham. After roughly 45 minutes of discussion Graham had two security guards open the doors and hand over two new keys. The police reportedly told the resort manager he’d committed an offence by locking Mars out and he told them of his lawyer’s advice.

“My lawyer advised me that changing the locks was the right course of action as the premises belong to the Great Bay and seeing as Mr. Mars had been fired he no longer had rights to one of our staff apartments. We’ve been trying to notify his lawyer of the eviction for eight weeks, but we were told this evening that we had followed the correct legal procedure so we let him back him and we will follow the legal procedures,” Graham said.

Mars told this newspaper that his lawyer was aware of the eviction effort but they’d strategized ahead of a court ruling last Wednesday that he’d leave a month after he gets his severance pay. Judge Mr. R.W.J. van Veen threw out that claim in his ruling, having ruled that Mars’ dismissal for urgent reasons was legal. The fired night auditor has announced that he’ll appeal the ruling.



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