Firearms replace security for ministers in Curacao

POSTED: 08/2/13 4:29 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Gun-toting ministers. That will soon be the situation in Curacao when Justice Minister Nelson Navarro, administrative affairs Minister Etienne van der Horst and economic Affairs Minister Stanley Palm will go to work armed with a firearm. Press agency curacao reported the news yesterday.

After the May 5 assassination of Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels all ministers and members of parliament have their own security detail. But the costs of this measure are becoming prohibitive. By giving the ministers their own weapon, the government expects to save some money.

Navarro, Van der Horst and Palm are currently following a training for handling their weapon. Remarkably, the three ministers are not members of the late Helmin Wiels’ party Pueblo Soberano, but of Alex Rosaria’s Pais. If the measure turns out satisfactory, more politicians will receive a firearm.

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Firearms replace security for ministers in Curacao by

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