Firearm possession again punished with 12 months

POSTED: 09/19/12 1:53 PM

St. Maarten – Franklin Luciano Ash did not find any relief in the Common Court of Justice where he appealed his conviction for firearm possession. Like the Court in First Instance earlier, the Appeals Court sentenced Ash to 12 months imprisonment.

After a tip received by the Criminal Intelligence department, police officers found a Glock C12 .45 caliber automatic pistol on top of a clothing cabinet at Ash’s house on Grenada Road on January 24. Ash admitted that the gun was his.

His argument that people had fired shots at him and that he feared they would come back fell on deaf ears with the court. “The defendant has been sentenced more than once for firearm possession. That apparently has not stopped him to do this again. The defendant has also been sentenced in the past for several violent crimes.”

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Firearm possession again punished with 12 months by

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