Fighting students turn on police officers at Sundial School

POSTED: 09/24/14 11:38 PM

St. Maarten – International Peace Day does not seem to have had a lasting impression on some students. After there was already a fight at Milton Peters College last week, yesterday around lunchtime a fight broke out between a student of the Sundial School and a man who was loitering around the school premises.

According to the police report, the situation spun out of control when numerous bystanders got involved in the fight. Central dispatch sent several patrols to the scene to break up the fight, but that did not go too easy.

Some of the fighters turned on the police officers. This made it necessary for the officers to use force to get the situation under control. The parents of one of the students got involved because they did not approve of the way the police handled their son. Police arrested five people for committing public violence. The reason for the fight remains unclear for the time being.

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Fighting students turn on police officers at Sundial School by

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