Fight over stolen bike could send three men to prison

POSTED: 09/21/12 1:08 PM

GREAT BAY – Flashlight, Flamingo and Cashmoney went to the projects on July 2 to call a man to account they claimed had stolen Cashmoney’s cousins motorbike. The encounter did not result in polite conversation but in a ruckus whereby machetes, rocks and pieces of wood were used to settle the dispute. Flashlight is looking at 7 months imprisonment, Flamingo could go down for 12 months and Cashmoney is looking at 8 months behind bars. Judge Tamara Tijhuis will pronounce her verdict on October 10.

The victim of the assault, Jackson G. claims that Flamingo (nickname for 29-year-old Rolando Cecil Trevor A.) had approached him with a weapon and that he ran into his house. Some witnesses spoke of a samurai sword, others of a machete. Flamingo allegedly hacked with his weapon through the door of the victim’s house, injuring the man behind it in his shoulder.

Cashmoney in the meantime was said to have hit Jackson G. with a baseball bat, but the defendant (real name Leroy Ignatius Adonis K., 28) denied all this. He told the court he had asked Jackson G. for the bike and that the latter pulled out a machete and attacked him.

“We’re lucky we got away from there,” Cashmoney told the court.

Prosecutor mr. Gonda van der Wulp considered proven that the three defendants had committed acts of public violence. She considers Flamingo’s role as the most serious one because he injured Jackson G. with a machete, while Cashmoney had ill-treated the man with what later turned out to be a piece of wood. Flashlight (24-year old Clinton Alphonso H.) played a minor role, reason why the prosecutor demanded the lightest sentence (7 months) against him. She demanded 12 months against Flamingo and 8 months against Cashmoney.

Attorney mr. Nerissa de la Rosa said that most of the witness statements were not based on these witnesses’ own observations and that they therefore have to be excluded from evidence.

Flashlight was only there, he did not contribute significantly to the violence. The attorney also considered that there is no proof Cashmoney used a weapon against Jackson G.

“Flamingo denies that he used the knife or the machete or to have had the intention to ill-treat Jackson G.”

The attorney asked the court for an acquittal for all three of her clients and to end their detention. In case the court decides to convict, mr. de la Rosa asked to sentence them to the time they already served.

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