Fifty-five graduate from Hillside’s early stimulation

POSTED: 06/25/12 12:58 PM

ST. PETERS – Some 55 students who attended and completed early stimulation at the Hillside Christian Schools graduated last Friday. The students of Teacher Florence Blaize and Teacher Doris George’s classes surprised the audience, which consisted of parents, friends and relatives with their boldness in singing and reciting the Bible verses that they learnt over the course of their study at the school.
Director of the Hillside Christian Schools Asha Stevens called the graduates “shining stars” and mentioned that after a year the children are now prepared to enter Cycle One. She said that it was an “exciting journey” for the students and noted that the parents have entrusted them into Christian hands since that is what the school stands for. She also told parents all that the students have learnt during the course of the year.
“They have been given skills to prepare them for the years ahead. The transition will be much smoother and they have fun in learning,” Stevens said.
The school director thanked the parents for entrusting their children to the school and noted that the teachers had done their very best with the children. She also stressed that it is up to the parents to keep up with the devotion and that much more will be expected from the students when they become Cycle One students in the 2012/2013 school year, which begins in August. Some of the students will be sent to the Hillside Christian School Campus in Cay Hill and some will remain in St. Peters.

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Fifty-five graduate from Hillside’s early stimulation by

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