Fifth suspect Curacao airport shooting arrested

POSTED: 10/22/14 9:52 PM

WILLEMSTAD – One of the most prominent suspects in the shooting at Hato airport, 26-year old Adrian Santhony Martha, nicknamed Venenu (Poison) was arrested on Monday night, Anneke Polak reports on Caribisch Netwerk. In the airport shooting in July, two people were killed and seven sustained injuries.

The prosecutor’s office declined to confirm that Martha was the shooter who opened fire when Erwin Adriano ‘Jais’ Juliana (35) arrived on an Air Berlin flight at Hato. The shooters killed Juliana and his 22-year-old cousin Shantly Percival Arnhem, who was waiting for him. When he wanted to give Juliana a weapon to defend himself, the shooting started.

Earlier four other suspects were arrested. All of them seem to have ties with No Limit Soldiers, the gang from Koraal Specht that is at war with Buena Vista city. Juliana was the leader of the Buena Vista-gang. Martha was on the run for the months after the shooting and went into hiding in several places, but on Monday night he was arrested. He did not resist arrest and he was not in the possession of a firearm, spokesman Norman Serphos said.

Martha is not allowed any visitors or phone calls. Only contact with his attorney is permitted. Within two months there will probably be a pro forma hearing, whereby the trial of the four other suspects will be postponed. The five will then stand trial on a later date together.

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