Few visitors at inspiring Blue Moon festival

POSTED: 09/3/12 11:07 PM

St. Maarten – The Blue Moon festival may not have attracted droves of visitors, but it was an interesting event all the same with presentations about a wide variety of topics – from organic farming, alternative healing, yoga, and mediation to neurolinguistic programming, capoeira, reiki and African dance.
Quite some people who were interested in the Friday evening program at Tru Roots missed it because the venue was poorly promoted. There was yoga, capoeira, a drumming circle, an African dance show, a movie (the red road), an astrologer’s presentation and the Reggae Band. A fire dancer closed off the evening.

On Saturday the festival moved to the grounds of the university on the Pondfill, where vice Prime Minister William Marlin made an appearance in the morning. He pledged his support for making St. Maarten a greener society, and highlighted government initiatives in the fields of solar and wind energy and the construction of a waste to energy plant.”These projects will be undertaken in cooperation with Gebe; they will not only improve our environment but also help to significantly lower our energy bills,” Marlin said.
The Vice Prime Minister who is responsible for the Ministry of Public Housing, Urban Planning, environment and Infrastructure, furthermore referred to the zoning plans that are under development and that will help to improve the traffic situation, prevent sewage from running onto public roads, and differentiate between residential and commercial arras.

Dolphin defenders were present at the university to promote the protection of dolphins, but the driving force behind this movement, Mercedes de Windt, also surprised visitors with homemade cleaning products people could easily make themselves if they do not want to buy anything that has been tested on animals.

In the early evening dance ambassador Nicole de Weever gave an inspiring dance class that made clear to participants and spectators why she is a true ambassador for St. Maarten. All day there were screenings of movies – empowering films for curious minds, as the organizing Youth Explorers Foundation expressed it. Zumba,yoga, neurolinguistic programming, presentations about vegan food and information about alternative healing with colloidal silver, time banking and aquaponics were part of Saturday’s varied program. The British Dependency Band provided entertainment and the fire dancer closed the evening.
Yesterday the festival moved with a more compact program to the Silk Cotton Grove gallery of Ruby Bute in Friar’s Bay on the French side.

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