Female found dead in her home

POSTED: 03/2/15 10:06 PM

St. Maarten —An elderly lady in the Middle Region area was found dead in her home on Friday, and according to the doctor at the scene the body of the lady was in an advanced state of decomposition, suggesting that she had been dead for a number of days prior to being found.

Police were alerted on Friday after neighbours realized they had not seen the lady for a number of days and they detected an unpleasant smell of decay emanating from her home. The police responded to the call and on arrival discovered what inspector Ricardo Henson terms a strange situation.

“On Friday February 27th at approximately 11.20 a.m. a police patrol was sent to Middle Region # 3 to investigate a strange situation. On the scene the investigating officers could smell a very unpleasant odor from a decaying dead animal or person,” Henson said. The elderly female who had not been seen for a while lived at that address. After continuously knocking at the doors and windows and getting no response, the officers made the decision to enter the building.  “Then is when the officers located the advanced decaying body of a female lying on the floor in the bathroom. The body was that of the elderly lady residing at that residence. The doctor who came to the scene stated that the victim had died of natural causes,” Henson said.

Personnel of the fire department were also witnessed at the scene and traffic was temporarily diverted while the police conducted their investigations.

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