Female cab driver released from pretrial detention

POSTED: 07/19/12 12:19 PM

St. Maarten – Much to the delight of her family and friends, Judge Maria Paulides yesterday suspended the pretrial suspension of Wulkiria Liesje G., a 24-year old who is a suspect in the ill-treatment of two young school boys and the robbery of a necklace from one of the boys on April 3. While the suspect was hugged by her family, her 18-year old co-suspect Angel Esmil R. stormed angrily out of the courtroom. The trial was postponed until September 19, because the attorneys of both defendants are on vacation.
Wulkiria G. was the driver of a car that drove at high speed towards the two young Milton Peters College students on April 3. That move was followed by a pursuit on foot whereby the young woman allegedly hit one of the victims in his face while Angel R. hit him on the head with a gun.
Mr. Luciano Dundas asked on behalf of his colleague Mr. Geert Hatzmann to suspend G.’s pretrial detention, saying that the woman had had no part in the crimes.
“She was driving the car and she had no idea what R. was going to do. Her release is no impediment to the investigation.”
Wulkiria G. received her taxi-license while she was in detention and this license could be in jeopardy with a continued detention, Dundas said.
Prosecutor Mr. Doenia Benammar contested that G. had had no part in the crimes. “The victim received a slap in the face from her and R. hit him on his head with a gun. G. was driving the car and she drove at high speed at the two boys who were dressed in MPC-uniforms. There are more than enough serious objections against a release. The defendant played a larger role than she wants it make to appear.
Judge Mr. Maria Paulides noted that G.’s role in the theft of the chain was not entirely clear but that she did play a role in the ill-treatment of the boys. In spite of this, the judge suspended the defendant’s detention from 10 a/.m. this morning.

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