Fear of hanging kept Wilsoe away from free movement discussion

POSTED: 06/21/11 1:17 PM

St. Maarten– Curacao’s Justice Minister Elmer Kade Wilsoe says he did not attend Sunday’s discussion on free movement in the Dutch Kingdom, because he believes it would signal that he was considering changing his country’s position. He also believes it would have been the end of him.

“My not being at the meeting is not a matter of being emotional. It is a matter of self respect. I am bound by various motions in the Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles and the Parliament of Curacao. So Curacao’s position is well known and discussing this point will imply that I am willing to think about it and if that was the case I believe this is the last time you would see me because when I am back in Curacao, they would hang me and my life is too precious. I respect every body’s possession and I would hope they can also respect mine,” Wilsoe said.

The Curacao minister also announced Wednesday that his country will not participate in the technical working group on freedom of movement in the Kingdom. Instead he wants to pursue a discussion with Aruba and St. Maarten about freedom of movement between the three countries in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

“Curacao is pushing for freedom of movement in the Caribbean because we have family ties that should not be put aside, so we have to make freedom on this part more free. Also I don’t know if the word for free is the same in Dutch as it is in Papiamentau,” Wilsoe said.

The technical committee to review the issues and situation around free movement in the Kingdom is required to provide their report in September.


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Fear of hanging kept Wilsoe away from free movement discussion by

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