Factions split on reaction to Rosenmöller report

POSTED: 10/7/11 2:28 PM

St. Maarten wants quick handling

WILLEMSTAD – Factions in Curacao’s Parliament are split in their response to a call by Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte to form a united front in opposing potential instructions from the Kingdom Council of Ministers to have Governor Frits Goedgedrag investigate the state of governance. The instruction could be given as early as today based on discussions in the Kingdom Council of Ministers.

According to a leaked report Curacao’s Minister Plenipotentiary sent to Prime Minister Schotte, “If, during the meeting of October 7, that the Parliament (of Curacao edi., -) will not use the opportunity then we know for sure that an instruction will be sent to the governor.”
The announcements of the various positions were delivered after faction leaders were briefed by Schotte on developments since the release of the Rosenmöller report in a Senioren convent meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Rosenmöller’s report calls for a Committee of Wise men to investigate allegations of non-ethical behavior by Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte, Finance Minister George Jamaloodin and Minister for Economic Development Abdul Nasser El Hakim.
Frente Obrero Party’s Anthony Goddett, who sits in the opposition, agrees with Prime Minister Schotte that it is unacceptable for the Netherlands to use the guarantee function as laid out in Article 43 subsection 2 in order to investigate the integrity of ministers in Curacao. He also offered to draft a motion that will be presented in a public meeting of parliament on October 11. That document will resolve that Curacao does not accept the Netherlands interfering in its internal affairs and to denounce the Netherlands at the United Nations.

The opposition PAR party believes passing such a motion would provoke conflict and announced they will not support the motion. The party’s leader Emily de Jongh-Elhage has also called it shameful that within 11 months the administration is threatened with higher supervision.
“This has never happened before in Curacao’s political history,” the former prime minister of the Netherlands Antilles said.
De Jongh-Elhage has also criticized the government’s attitude to the report saying they’ve focused on finding out who gave the information instead of looking at the content. She said that handling also looks worse when one considers that the government requested the investigation.
“He (Schotte edi.-) went to the Netherlands and requested an investigation. He received Rosenmöller at the airport when he arrived in Curacao and he sent the report to Parliament. This is the crisis that they have created and must resolve as soon as possible by repairing the relationship with the Central Bank and the Head of the Intelligence Service, the issues with the new model statutes for the government owned companies, returning confidence of the people in the directors of the government owned companies and reverse the appointments of friends and relatives to different positions in government,” de Jongh-Elhage said.

PNP leader also Humphrey Davelaar is also concerned about a potential conflict with the Netherlands but it agrees that the Netherlands would be going too far if they were to issue an instruction. He’s admitted though that the crisis of confidence is bad enough that there needs to be an independent investigation. The PAR is reportedly busy with a motion that would give content to that desire. That document, to be presented in the public meeting on October 11, will call for the General Audit Chamber to be the one to do the investigation requested by the Rosenmöller report.

Leaked document
Osepa’s leaked report also shows that St. Maarten’s Minister Plenipotentiary Mathias Voges believes that the Kingdom Council of Ministers should handle this matter quickly. Aruba’s Minister Plenipotentiary Edwin Abath asked that the situation in his country, where the WODC has just released a report, not be viewed as the situation with Curacao. Abath was reacting to a statement by Osepa that Aruba also needs to be examined by the Kingdom Council of Ministe

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