Faction leaders pick Kamp as scout for formation

POSTED: 09/14/12 2:37 PM

THE HAGUE – Henk Kamp was appointed as “scout” by the faction leaders in the outgoing Dutch parliament yesterday. Kamp will examine what the assignment could be for the informateur for the formation of a new cabinet. Kamp, a member of Mark Rutte’s VVD, is the outgoing minister of social affairs and Labor. Before he became a member of Rutte’s cabinet he served as a commissioner for the Netherlands Antilles during the constitutional reform process.

Kamp will speak with all parties that won seats in the new parliament, starting with the largest one and ending with the smallest party. This morning he meets with his own VVD and after that it is the turn of Samsom’s Labor Party.

Several party leaders took already a shot at their possible role in the formation on Thursday. Freedom Party-leader Geert Wilders said he is contemplating a role in the opposition, CDA-leader Van Haersma Buma said that he would first of all come to listen and D66-leader Alexander Pechtold said that for the time being he does not see a role for his party at all.

While the parliament has sidelined Queen Beatrix in the formation-process, the faction leaders said yesterday that they want the Queen to be kept informed about the situation.

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