Facebook features top hundred of unwanted citizens in Curacao

POSTED: 10/16/12 1:10 PM

WILLEMSTAD – This list is circulating on the social network site Facebook since yesterday: it contains one hundred names of people considered persona non grata in Curacao. Sources in Curacao have indicated that the list is the work of Pueblo Soberano supporters. That is why the names of that party’s leader Helmin Wiels and the names of, for instance, Gerrit Schotte and George Jamaloodin are missing in the list.

The authors of the list have some spelling challenges, given the fact that they misspelled the names of Central Bank President Emsley Tromp and of Par-leader Emily de Jongh-Elhage.

Outspoken attorney Karel Frielink appears as number 50 on the list. There are only two Dutch politicians in this top hundred: former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and D66-leader Alexander Pechtold. One may well wonder why the authors, since they put so much effort in their hit list, omitted someone like Paul Rosenmöller and Antilliaans Dagblad publisher Michael Willemse. All in all, the publication gives a discouraging impression of the way some political parties – or at least their supporters – deal with what is supposed to be a democracy.

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Facebook features top hundred of unwanted citizens in Curacao by

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