Extended business hours as of December 17, 2014

POSTED: 12/18/14 10:53 PM

St. Maarten – Business hours have been extended to 10:00pm as of December 17 through December 30 for all businesses according to a notice from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

“This is in accordance with Article 5 of the Shop Closure Ordinance, which states that the opening hours for the Christmas holidays are regulated as follows: November 28 through December 4 and December 17 through December 30, closing hours are extended until 10 pm. On the Saturdays and Sundays and the day before Christmas as a Sunday considered day, the extended hours are until 8 pm, but the Minister is allowing businesses to open until 10 pm on these days as well,” a press release from the Ministry of Economic Affairs states.
“Please take note that this exemption does not apply for the official public holidays Christmas Day (December 25, 2014) and New Year’s Day (January 1, 2015), as it is mandatory to remain closed on these days, with exemption to the following businesses
as is mentioned in article 3 of the Law on Shop Closure:

  • Pharmacies, as far as it concerns the sale of medicine and medical products;
  • Bars and restaurants;
  • Hotel and guesthouses;
  • Stores located in hotels and on airport and harbor premises;
  • Funeral parlours;
  • Gas stations and
  • Bakeries selling pastries, milk and milk products.”
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