Expo gives youth summer warm up

POSTED: 06/25/12 3:17 PM

St. Maarten – The Dance Dimensions & Arts Foundation – the organizers for Saturday’s Youth Summer Expo – came in for high praise from Minister of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports Silvera Jacobs during the opening ceremony for the Youth Summer Expo which took place at the Festival Village. The young participants, which were drawn from several schools on the island, literally set the tone for the upcoming school break with a series of cultural, artistic and sporting presentations in a controlled environment.
Jacobs lauded the foundation’s efforts in organizing such an event where the youths on St Maarten can come together and do positive things. She also thanked them for the creative thoughts.
“Something like this has been long in the planning, long before I got this position. I was approached at my office while working at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School and asked how we can contribute,” Jacobs said.
Her years of experience in the dancing fraternity placed Jacobs in her comfort zone and she could not refrain from mentioning that aspect of her life.
“If anyone knows me, I have been a dancer with years of experience, in many art forms because I started out from the age of nine. With culture and youth being part of my portfolio, I am proud to stand here,” Jacobs added, before declaring the expo officially opened.
While taking into consideration that both sides of the island has a very large young population, President of the Collectivite, Alain Richardson touched on an important topic during his short address when he said, “Youths need to remain the greatest assets.”
According to Richardson, in order to do so, the youths must be encouraged and be empowered so that they can assume their respective roles in the society.
“I think that is exactly what this expo is all about, exposing them and showcasing their talents,” Richardson said.
Richardson also lauded the efforts of DADA when he said that it was the duty of each generation to pass on the torch to the next generation in a better manner than they have received it. DADA New Beginners, Hillside School, St Dominic, Sr Borgia, Genevieve De Weever, St. Maarten Academy PSVE, Two Ti Pas, Les Brown, Motiance, Ebony Youth Orchestra, Generation New Status Band, Zumba, St Maarten Dance Theatre, Jitutzu Team, Gabriella Prensa Coates, Dr Rhoda Arrindell & her volleyball team, the M.A.C school and Omari Banks were among the participating school/groups.

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