Expedia.com: demand for St. Maarten up 20%

POSTED: 05/19/14 10:02 PM

“Ideal conditions to grow further as a tourist destination”

St. Maarten – The Expedia group, the world’s largest online travel company, reported that travel demand for St. Maarten/St Martin hotels grew nearly 20 percent in 2013 when compared to the previous year. The Expedia group provides hotel partners with access to tremendous volume and variety of travelers worldwide through more than 150 websites in more than 70 countries worldwide.
Expedia reported an increase in demand from international markets to St. Maartin/St. Martin from countries such as Brazil (more than 100%), Germany (more than 20%), and The Netherlands (nearly 20%), and the United States, by far the top producing international feeder market, continues to grow at more than 25%.
The group’s market management team attended SMART, the destination’s most influential industry event, these past few days. During the conference, the marketing team discussed trends and online marketing tools and programs available via the company’s multiple platforms that could provide increased visibility and incremental demand for the destination.
“We believe that St. Maarten/St Martin has the ideal conditions to grow further as a tourist destination, which is why it represents a growing market for us in the Caribbean. It is our privilege to promote the destination to our global audience of travelers,” said Demetrius
Canton, Director of Market Management in the Caribbean for Expedia.
“The Expedia group attracts 60 million travelers a month from more than 70 countries through its significant investments in marketing and technology. When a hotel partners with Expedia, in addition to getting access to these travelers, our market management team provides valuable data-based market insight to help a hotelier capture this demand in a way that makes strategic sense for their business,” Canton concluded.

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Expedia.com: demand for St. Maarten up 20% by

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