Everything St. Maarten website surpasses 3.5 million visitors

POSTED: 11/19/12 1:29 PM

St. Maarten – Jeff Berger’s www.everythingstmaarten.com website surpassed 3.5 million visitors this weekend, as it continues to promote St. Maarten and St. Martin around the world.

To celebrate, the site it will give away seven SXM vacations early next month and an additional vacation in January. Entry is open until December 5 to anyone; enter online at www.everythingstmaarten.com.

A property of Jeff Berger’s Crystal Pineapple Award-nominated JMB Communications, the site started in 1993 as a writing sample for JMB, Berger’s PR and marketing company.

“Since our original one-page story about the island was created as a simple writing sample, we never had any expectation that it would be seen by anyone other than our marketing communications and PR clients,” Berger recounts. “But then the search engines kicked in a people looking for St. Maarten information found our story.”

The site has grown so today, it includes many dozens of pages plus several affiliated pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and a free weekly newsletter read by over 180,000 people worldwide.

Prizes in the December 10 celebratory giveaway include vacations at top hotels on the island, dinners, massages, car and phone rentals, a daytrip to Tintamarre and free ice cream.

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