Even MAN-leader Cooper has his doubts now – Political chaos in Curacao continues

POSTED: 10/30/12 12:07 PM

WILLEMSTAD —The war of words between political leaders Gerrit Schotte and Helmin Wiels Sunday night on national TV left a sour taste for MAN political leader Charles Cooper. Considered the key for the formation after the elections, MAN is not so sure anymore.
The main point of discord is of course the recently approved screening-law, which is a thorn in the side of Schotte’s MFK, who allegedly asked several political parties for support to eliminate the law. Wiels emphasized on Sunday that he would not negotiate its elimination before the formation of a new cabinet is concluded.
Schotte said during a press conference that he is fed up with Wiels and informed PS and MAN in a letter that his party is no longer interested to live up to the so-called willingness declaration the three parties signed only last week.
“Reason for this termination is that we have noted a serious violation of this declaration by the leader of Pueblo Soberano, Mr. Helmin Wiels, whom repeatedly demonstrated a lack of respect, while respect is the foundation for the “willingness declaration,” Schotte said.
MFK withdrew from the negotiations and now gives Pueblo Soberano and Helmin Wiels, as the highest vote getter during last elections, the opportunity to form a government.
MFK does not want to continue tolerating insults by Wiels. Schotte said at a party conference that Wiels is not a serious negotiator; instead he constantly insults him in his radio program.
According to Schotte, he had put up with attacks from a fierce opposition in parliament, from different pressure groups in the community, media and other interest groups. Many of these attacks were directed at him personally and if this was not enough he had to put up with opposition in his own coalition. There was no peace, loyalty nor work being done in the team which should be expected from a normal situation in government. Schotte wants peace. In fact it can be said that Wiels has laid the foundation for the coup against his government, Schotte said.
Wiels reacted minutes after Schotte’s broadcasted press conference stating he wants a clean government and no more discussions or questioning of members in the cabinet, who have problems with the screening. Wiels respects and will follow the law, considering the screening-law was already published. This is not the time to start a war with the governor, Wiels concluded.
It is still unclear what is going to happen before November 2, when the new Parliament has to be installed. While many believe the three parties will settle as usual (just like the past 23 months) or PS (5 seats) will form a coalition with PAIS (4), MAN (2) and PNP (1). Not impossible, but doubtful. Or MFK (5) will join PAIS, MAN and PNP, leaving PS and PAR in the opposition. If Schotte so desperately wants to be prime minister, he must pass the screening first, political opponents said.

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Even MAN-leader Cooper has his doubts now - Political chaos in Curacao continues by

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