Erissa Cozier new Teen Carnival Queen

POSTED: 05/2/12 11:51 AM

St. Maarten – Fourteen year old Erissa Cozier wowed the audience and captured the hearts of the judges on Wednesday night to become the Teen Queen for Carnival 2012. Gaining 932 points, Cozier also walked away with titles of Best Talent, Best Culture Wear, Best Costume and Ms. Popularity. Cozier was touted as a clear front-runner from the time she stepped onstage to perform a calypso piece as her talent. She sang “I don’t need your money, you can’t convince me to sell my virginity” to roars of applause from the audience. The young girl ended her presentation on a high note declaring “young men and women, leave the children alone…who the cap fit wear it.” She then heated up the stage with a Carnival costume labeled ‘Music on Fire.’ The costume was designed by Alberto Brooks with red, orange and gold colors, musical notes and fairy lights. For her evening wear, she donned a princess gown and emerged from a makeshift Disney Cruiselines vessel. The silver, white, purple and pink garment complimented Cozier’s buxom silhouette.

No stranger to the stage, Cozier previously competed in Junior Calypso competitions and exuded confidence throughout Wednesday’s competition which also included the Senior Carnival Queen contest. The judging criteria for the interview segment included relevance, content and command of language. The girl used the opportunity to ‘big up’ her mother whom she said was her inspiration, when asked who her role model is and why.

The event was well attended with several sections of the crowd clad in promotional t-shirts and waving placards and flags to support their favorite contestant. The organizers did an excellent job of ensuring that the pageant flowed with few lapses and even finished ahead of time.

Former Junior Carnival Queen and Ms. Pitchounette 2008, D’Shnay York earned 917 points and the title of first runner-up. York ,who had the backing of the Voice of Our Children Foundation, Princess Juliana International Airport and Windward Island Bank,  looked picture perfect in a tangerine and silver satin gown with an organza overlay. The piece, called frozen dessert ‘Orange Sorbet’ was the judges’ top pick for the night based on fit, suitability, carriage and deportment. For her presentation on “In My Future How Do I Intend to Contribute to St.Maarten”, York also won the preliminary speech competition which was held on April 14, 2012.  Photographers present at the Festival Village endowed her with the Ms. Photogenic title.

Winning the interview segment, Tivona Trotman was awarded the 2nd runner up position and 794 points. She was asked what advice she would give to a friend who confided to her that she is pregnant. “I would simply tell her that her life is not over and she can still continue, she can still stay in school, she can still achieve all of her goals that she wanted to pursue. I would also advise her that by her being pregnant, she also now has many more responsibilities to face,” Trotman responded. It was clear that the girl, like her sister, Senior Queen 2011 Trumane Trotman, possessed excellent public speaking and impromptu skills. To display her talent, Trotman played on an African drum and then sang a song about believing in oneself.

Jermine Daal was sashed as the third runner up while Kendra Priest received the Ms. Amity award.   The contestants appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves on stage with most of them using the forum to speak on slavery through song, dance and drama. All five contestants received hampers and trophies on the night of the event.

Secretary of the St.Maarten Carnival Development Foundation, Michael Granger congratulated lead coordinator Lisette Carty and her team for their tireless efforts and excellent execution of both the teen and senior queen pageants.

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