Environmentalists benefit from sale of bracelets

POSTED: 02/20/12 12:48 PM

St. Maarten – In their effort to give something back to the community, International Liquors and Tobacco made a monetary contribution to Nature Foundation and La Reserve de Saint Martin, over the weekend. The funds were raised through the sale of a variety of Heineken bracelets initiated annually during the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta.

“During the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, we want to raise the exposure concerning the importance of keeping our island and its waters clean”, ILTT/Heineken Commercial Manager John Leone said.

“We started with the green “Meet You There” bracelets which we donated in 2006 and followed up with ‘Serious “Clean” Fun’ bracelets in 2007, ‘St. Maarten Heineken Regatta’ bracelets in 2008, white “Enjoy Heineken Responsibly” bracelets in 2009, black “My Island, My Heineken’ bracelets in 2010. For the 2011 Heineken Regatta we sold a mix of all the previous years, which was great for everyone to complete the whole range of the past years’ bracelets. In 2012, we are offering a fun green ‘My Island My Heineken’ band with 5 removable buttons.

Over the years, we have raised over $17.000 through this program and we are very happy that we were able to generate over $5000 this past year to give to the Nature Foundation and La Reserve Naturelle combined. We hope we can continue to work together to find solutions that benefit both the island’s natural environment for all to enjoy.”

“We are extremely grateful for this contribution,” said Marisa Brandy of the Nature Foundation. “The Foundation is funded purely through grants and fundraising efforts. A donation like this makes a significant difference to the work we do. The natural environment is one of St. Maarten’s most important resources clean beaches, healthy seas and green hills are the reason why many of our visitors come here every year. It is everyone’s responsibility, from the individual to our government and from small businesses to large international corporations, to protect our natural resources and conserve the beauty and biodiversity of our island for the benefit of current and future generations”.

When asked what Nature Foundation would spend their money on, Ms. Brandy replied, “towards staff salaries as we are going through financial crises right now”.

“Nature Foundation is proud to partner with corporations like Heineken and is incredibly thankful for having Heineken St. Maarten as a positive working partner,” she added. “We hope this continues into the future and that other companies on St. Maarten will follow Heineken’s example and help conserve St. Maarten’s environment”.

The foundations and Heineken/ILTT would also like to especially thank the Shipwreck Shop and the St. Maarten Yacht Club for merchandising these items and individual volunteers for their efforts in selling these items during the St Maarten Heineken Regatta, and all year round. Debbie Koppens, general manager Shipwreck Shops “The bracelets can be bought year round at any of the 16 Shipwreck Shops locations on St. Maarten. As the official provider of the Heineken Regatta gear, we are happy to be able to generate a great contribution each year for the Nature Foundation and the Reserve Naturelle since the beginning of this project in 2006. The bracelets have become collectors’ items and are a great way to show your affection for nature, the island of Sint Maarten and of course a nice cold Heineken.”

The new bracelets for the 2012 St Maarten Heineken Regatta are already on sale at all Shipwreck Shop locations and at the International Liquors and Tobacco retail store in Pointe Blanche.

In cooperation with the St Maarten Pride Foundation, Heineken and ILTT also institute a beach cleanup program called bright beaches. This program enables non-profit organizations, which are willing to eliminate trash from our beaches, access to funds that Heineken/ ILTThave allocated from the sales of Heineken products, particularly Amstel Bright beer. For more information please contact the St Maarten Pride Foundation.

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