Environmentalist Rueben Thompson steps into the political arena

POSTED: 05/6/14 10:52 AM

Citizens for Positive Change go for bottom-up approach

St. Maarten – Local environmental activist Rueben Thompson will contest the 2014 parliamentary elections with his recently established party Citizens for Positive Change (CPC). “Nothing changes, if nothing changes,” is the party’s campaign slogan.

“The CPC consists of a group of professionals from the business community, educators, environmentalists, cultural and social activists joined together by similar values and ideas who firmly believe that with innovation, improved accountability, transparency and integrity a more effective government for the residents of St. Maarten can and must be created,” Thompson stated in a press release. “The CPC does not consist of politicians, and we consider that an asset; we are everyday citizens who share a common vision. A change of guard in the political landscape is needed to create a sustainable future for St. Maarten that will benefit all residents, not just a small elitist group.”

“CPC is in talks with various candidates whom will be announced going forward as the CPC concentrates on creating a Positive Change movement that is dictated by the party’s philosophy and not just by political figures alone,” Thompson said.

CPC’s website, www.positivechangesxm.com features the party’s Manifesto, Mission, Vision and thoughts on various topics such as the Economy, Social Issues and the Environment. The CPC considers its Manifesto to be an evolving document that is not set in stone but will change and evolve according to the input received from the citizens of the different districts.

“Instead of top-down communication, CPC stimulates a bottom-up approach whereby the citizens dictate policy, not politicians alone. CPC encourages dialogue and invites anyone willing to contribute to Positive Change on St. Maarten to contact the CPC via their website or Facebook page”, Thompson stated.

CPC is one of two parties that has been vetted and approved by the Electoral Council for contesting the elections.



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