Enumerators cover roughly 80 percent in census’ first run

POSTED: 04/19/11 11:27 AM

St. Maarten – Chief Project Officer for the 2011 Census Maurette Anterstijn has projected that the team of enumerators counted 80 percent of the island in the Census 2011, which concluded on Sunday. Those were not counted in the first run, which began on April 9, will be counted in the follow-up count that is tentatively scheduled for May 5.

“There are no thoughts of extending the first run. We might use two weeks for the na-telling (follow-up count). That depends on how many census forms we get back and this will be an attempt to really solicit people’s cooperation, because that was one of our challenges this time around,” Anterstijn said.

Specific issues that enumerators encountered were people not answering the door, even though they peeked from behind their window curtains and that enumerators, even those who worked for government, were not given time off to do the count.

“Most of our enumerators are teachers and civil servants and even the civil servants were not able to get time off from their department heads, so that created some challenges,” Anterstijn said.

More generally she said, “All in all it was mixture. Most had a good time and there were a few who had some bad experiences, but there were no really bad experiences to speak of.”

Anterstijn also added that Middle Region and Sucker Garden were areas where there was great cooperation and areas like Weymouth Hill had proved problematic, with people not wanting to divulge certain information like their education level.


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