Enthusiastic public buys up majority of firework stock

POSTED: 12/30/11 11:58 AM

One of the smaller groups of people who went to purchase fireworks stand in line on day one of the sales. Most of the supply is now gone.

Police and Prosecutor issue advisory

St. Maarten – Firefly Family Fireworks’ supply of fireworks is basically sold out and the company’s management is waiting to see whether people used their products responsibly during the New Year’s transition before they decide whether to apply to import and sell fireworks again near the end of 2012. The police and the public prosecutor’s office will also be monitoring how people use fireworks and announced on Thursday they will enforce the law to the letter if they catch people violating the law.
The sale of fireworks began at 12:30 p.m. and continued until 8:00 p.m., but most of the stock was gone by 6:30 p.m. Sales will continue today to allow people who might want to buy the last bits and pieces that are left to make their purchases. Clusters of people visited the sales point just before the entrance to Cay Hill during the day and lines were long at times.
“The reaction was very good. I would agree that we have successfully revived a tradition,” Collins Arrundell of Firefly Family Fireworks said.
The quick sale is being attributed to both the demand and the fact that the company did not get a full container of fireworks
Arrundell , a former fireman, has been stressing safety since the announcement that he and members of his family would be selling fireworks and he stressed that theme again on Thursday.
“Now that you have it, don’t go crazy. Be cautious and if you want this to continue without more and stricter regulations you have to be careful. If you follow the instructions you’ll be safe,” the business proprietor said.
The police and prosecutor have also issued cautions that are similar. Both focus on the fact that fireworks can only be used on private property on December 29, December 30, December 31 and January 1. If people violate these rules where an officer can see them the fireworks will be confiscated and the person will receive a “hefty fine.” People who are suspected of attempting to commit bodily harm, ill treatment or destruction will be arrested and led before the judge.
Public Prosecutor Hans Mos confirmed the measures announced by the police and that people who get caught trying to cause harm with fireworks will spend their New Year’s in police lockups. He also announced that his office has requested the court set aside February 16 for any fireworks related offences.
“I think people will be wise though and I really urge people to be cautious,” Mos said.
2012 celebration
Arrundell was not willing to commit to selling fireworks again next year despite Thursday’s brisk business.
“We won’t label things a success until about January 3 when the season is over. Depending on what happens we will see if we will continue, but hopefully we’ll back next year,” he said.

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