Employability through training officially starts

POSTED: 04/20/12 2:45 PM

St. Maarten – The first batch of participants of the SEI Project “Employability through training” started their training at the Belvedere Community Center on Monday. This training will handle social skills and the participants will get to interact with the respective industries, this training is given by “Ahead Foundation.”

Pastor Elmead Allen of “Ahead Foundation” stated that the group is very enthusiastic about the training, but 80% attendance is mandatory for the course in order to stay in the program.

“The participants have to sign in and out each day, because attendance is important for certification for the program,” Allen said.

During the morning session, the participants were given a juggling exercise, which was meant to indicate to them how they juggle the various aspects of their lives, such as family, jobs etc.

“This exercise also proved that each person uses a different strategy, and that we are all different,” Allen said.

The participants also had the opportunity during the morning session to indicate their career interest and learning styles so they can find the job that suits them best. The participants will be building a portfolio, which will include their career interest, learning styles and an introduction about themselves, which will assist in job placement in the future.

“It is one thing to be taught skills and another thing to apply them. It is my strong desire that everyone in this class does so,” Minister of Public Health Social Development & Labor Cornelius De Weever stated.

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