Emotional farewell to Curtis Heyliger

POSTED: 06/8/14 11:51 PM

St. Maarten – The rain that fell shortly after the earthly remains of Curtis Nathaniel Heyliger were removed from the church was a blessing in disguise and the several hundred’s that filed pass the casket were evidence of the friendships he made during his lifetime.

It was a just after a few days after dying under tragic circumstances that he was laid to rest at the Simpson Bay Burial Ground following a brief service and viewing at the Emerald Funeral Home and followed by a second viewing and church service at the St Martin of Tours Roman Catholic Church on Front Street.

Heyliger, who was born on January 15 1992 leaves to mourn Theo Heyliger, his father, Debbie Zwanikken, his mother, Roeland Zwanikken, his step father and Grisha Heyliger, his stepmother just to name a few of his close relatives along with other extended members of his family and close friends.

During his short life Curtis made many friends, some of whom were there and some of whom were far away. Friends came over from the Netherlands to pay their respects. But even those who never saw him or never had the opportunity to speak with him extended their heartfelt condolences in the form of a letter to the grieving family.

The outpouring sympathy for the Heyliger/Zwanikken family was evident in the cross section of the society that took the opportunity to cue up in the extremely long lines before filing passed the open casket and offering their condolences to the members of the immediate family in the front rows.

In the beginning,  it was just hugs and kisses, but the silence was broken when  some of his work mates filed pass the casket,  some clearly avoided glancing at their deceased mate and a few  were brave enough to  touch him for the last time.

“You can close your eyes and pray that he will come back or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left,” were some of the touching words from member of Parliament Sylvia Meyers during her brief  address to the gathering.

Some close friends of the late Curtis ‘King’ Heyliger as was familiarly called also took the opportunity to speak, his brother Thedore Heyliger 111, read a short poem entitled, ‘If I only had one day’ and after the Eulogy by Khaleef Warren, Norman Wathey had the distinct honor to give the words of thanks before the recessional.



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