Elshot: Marlin’s views on Cola one-sided

POSTED: 09/16/13 12:03 PM

St. Maarten – The president of the Windward Islands Teachers Union Claire Elshot has called out Democratic Party Member of Parliament Roy Marlin over statements made in Parliament that the demands of unions for their cost of living adjustment would run the country bankrupt.  Elshot said that Marlin’s statements were “unfortunate” and were “one sided.”

“Roy Marlin spoke about the Cola on a one-sided level because the Cola is actually putting purchasing power back into the hands of the workers so that it goes back into your own economy. That form of indexing your salaries would also make sure that there is no gap between salaries and the development of your country. You cannot look at one aspect of the Cola and then accentuate that this is what is going to create the problem for us to become bankrupt.”

Elshot explained that the Cola system was introduced to the then Netherlands Antilles for a reason. After a study on the salaries scales, consultants from the Netherlands recommended that the salary scales be indexed on an annual basis. This was to ensure that unions would not have to demand nor negotiate for an increase in salaries annually on behalf of workers.

“That is the other side of the coin that I think MP Marlin did not hold into account. The point is that people are now complaining that salaries are lower now than they were five years ago,” the union leader stated.

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Elshot: Marlin’s views on Cola one-sided by