Elshot criticizes casinos for abusing trainee-dealers

POSTED: 10/16/13 12:56 PM

ElshotSt. Maarten – Casinos are hiring interns as dealers without paying them any compensation. According to the vice president of the Windward Islands Chamber of Labor Unions, Claire Elshot this is a form of abuse that needs to be addressed.

“Trainees that put in eight hours a day for practice should be able to get a salary. In the past the industry would pay them $30 or even $50 a day, now they get nothing,” the union-leader said.

Elshot pointed out that there is a law that gives employers benefits for training young people.

She also criticized the way casinos deal with employees by giving them 6-month contracts, then sending them home for 6 months or moving them to another casino of the same owner.

“Employees are entitled to decent jobs based on standards of the International Labor organization,” she pointed out. “But these employees go through the same mill every year and still they have no stable position. They cannot go to a bank for a car loan or a mortgage. You see deterioration in the labor market. They are using workers but they do not care about them.”

Elshot also noted a contradiction: “There are reports about economic growth but we do not see that reflected in the job market.”

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Elshot criticizes casinos for abusing trainee-dealers by

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