Elderly man rescued from burnt out house

POSTED: 01/14/13 12:57 PM

St. Maarten – Emergency services came into action after receiving a call about a fire at a home in Dutch Quarter on Friday at 0.37 a.m.
While the fire trucks were on their way, the officers were informed that neighbors had contained the fire and that nobody was at home.
Fire trucks were on the scene within minutes after receiving the call. Upon arrival, they saw the flames were out, but that smoke was still coming out of the house.
Fire fighters carried out a survey of the house and discovered an elderly man lying on the floor in a backroom. They carried him outside where he was attended to by ambulance emergency medical service attendants. The victim suffered from smoke inhalation and was transported to the hospital for further treatment.
Fire fighters determined that electrical fault in an entertainment system had caused the fire.
The house sustained considerable damages; one room was completely burnt out and the interior had major heat and smoke damage.

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