Eighty cruise passengers hit by gastroenteritis

POSTED: 03/21/16 7:12 PM

St. Maarten News – While the details are still emerging, it appears that panic broke out aboard the Norwegian Gem after an epidemic broke out causing the authorities aboard the cruise liner to alert the local authorities.

The boat which arrived in Great Bay around 7.15 a.m. last week Thursday morning made its last stop in St. Thomas, but because of the symptoms displayed by the affected passengers, it had to remain in mid stream until a team of health department officials was taken onto the ship by a pilot boat.

Further medical evaluations revealed that over 80 passengers were suffering from a case of gastroenteritis. The boat departed shortly after 9 a.m.; the crew sanitized the cabins, dining areas and entertainment facilities to prevent the virus from causing more damage.

Gastro as it’s familiarly called is an illness similar to that experienced by persons suffering from a flu attack and it’s accompanied by vomiting, fever and frequent visits to the toilet. This rather sad but disturbing development was not well received by some of the local taxi drivers. One such person voiced her concerns about the preventative measures that should be in place at all ports of arrival for the safety of the residents.

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Eighty cruise passengers hit by gastroenteritis by

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  1. Zach says:

    Just got off the boat, way way way more than 80. And the served us food but that was the extent of prevention did not work. Got sick two days pr the port they were “blaming” wish they were upfrontvon board they kept saying a handful of cases. And no satitation in casiono nor was it shut down