Eighteen graduate from computer course

POSTED: 02/16/12 1:20 PM
The 18 young people who participated in the computer course and their instructor Joan Hanson (right at front) pose with their certificates. (DCOMM Photo)

St. Maarten – Eighteen young people between 16 and 24 and that are part of the St. Maarten Youth Development Program graduated from a computer course on Saturday. The classes were taught by Joan Hanson who reports that the students achieved final grades that ranged from 88 percentile to 100 percentile.
The group of 18 graduates are currently enrolled in the preparatory phase of YDP’s hospitality program. In the preparatory phase of the program (which lasted for 18 weeks); the students follow courses such as the AHLEI START (General introduction to Hospitality), Career preparation, Social Skills, English Business writing and computer training in MS XP 2007 and MS Word Beginner/intermediate level. After completion of the preparatory program ,these students will follow training to become Front Desk Agents, Bartenders or Restaurant Servers.
St. Maarten Youth Development Program is a second chance educational program that aims to train youngsters between the ages of years who were unable to complete secondary education. The goal of the program is to provide these youngsters with start qualifications so that they can enter the labor market or further their education at the SBO/ASVE. The program is executed by DERPI and fully funded by Usona.

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