Education ministry trains seven exam screeners

POSTED: 02/21/12 12:07 PM

St. Maarten – Seven people have been certified as Advanced Secondary Professional and Technical Education (SBO) test screeners after participating in five day training given by Cito International that ended on February 17.Cito International is the institute which produces the final exams of the Dutch secondary schools. The seven new people will function next to eight others who have been trained to produce tests for secondary schools.

The training was geared towards monitoring the quality of tests produced for SBO programs. By law, 50 percent plus one of all the tests that are made by teachers within this type of tertiary professional training must be screened and approved by an external institute. In the days before the Netherlands Antilles was dismantled the task was executed by the Exam Bureau of the Netherlands Antilles (ETE) with assistance from Cito. From now on, however, the tests can be screened locally by the Division of Exams in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, which will make use of the skills and expertise of the newly certified screeners.

The training trajectory has been made possible through Dutch Development Funds for Education and Youth.

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Education ministry trains seven exam screeners by

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