Editorial: Zoning plans

POSTED: 10/8/12 4:01 PM

Somehow we have a not so good feeling about where this is going: the discussion about the zoning plans. Vromi-Minister William Marlin announced the project with some fanfare at a press conference in August with a justified statement: “Overdevelopment will destroy our natural resources.”
Now the opposition UP party is expressing concerns from citizens who are seemingly concerned that those darn zoning plans will get in the way of their own plans to construct buildings.
Such resistance was of course to be expected but it should not deter Minister Marlin from getting these zoning plans in place.
There is only that much left to be saved from the developers and the moment to do that is now.

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  1. John Dalton says:

    Then set precedent by example – don’t allow a new subdivision on the Emilio Wilson Estate.