Editorial: Wrong impressions

POSTED: 06/22/12 2:28 PM

The Pointe Blanche Inmates Association remains remarkably calm in the face of adverse conditions in the prison and also in the face of apparent misinformation and lines of communication that do not function as they ought to.
They are in prison because they committed a crime. No one knows this better than them. What the inmates want is decent treatment and that is apparently hard to come by.
The justice ministry is walking a tight rope in a situation that has not really improved for years. Financial restraints, more candidates for a stay at the prison than the system is able to bear and a lack of cooperation on the Kingdom level are all factors that play against the situation inmates have to endure every day.
It is positive that at least two parliamentarians have visited the prison, but according to the inmates they only listened to one side of the story. If this is correct it is a pity, because it will add to the creation of wrong impressions. And of those there are already enough around about the situation in Pointe Blanche.

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