Editorial: Writing legislation

POSTED: 10/23/12 2:57 PM

It is interesting how our Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports played the ball back to the parliament yesterday when the issue of making Constitution Day a national holiday came up. Writing legislation is not the prerogative of the government, the message seemed to be; parliament has the option to do this as well.
While this is true, the minister apparently forgot that MPs need professional help to fulfill this task – and that help costs money.

DP-MP Roy Marlin recently suggested cutting the budget for traveling to Parlatino meetings and other interesting outings abroad and to use these funds for hiring legislative experts. That sounded like an excellent idea because Parlatino meetings are meaningless anyway and parliament’s record in the arena of submitting initiative-laws over the past two years has been appalling.

Maybe MP Marlin ought to grab the bull by the horns and submit a plan to parliament for slashing travel budgets and using the money for better purposes. After all, he is part of the majority, so getting approval should be relatively easy.
Legislating Constitution Day as a national holiday should be easy too: just grab the legislation that made July 1 a national holiday and replace Emancipation Day with Constitution Day. Even a minister could do that during her lunch break.

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